Circular Saw

Circular saw review

ROK Circular saw review

There are some tools that you just can’t do without if you’re anything like keen when it comes to DIY – and a decent circular saw is one of them.

It may not be a tool that comes out very often, but when you need one, there’s nothing else that will cut so quickly, accurately and with so little effort. If you’re making anything involving sheet materials – with chipboard, MDF, plywood and the like – or need to make a thick length of timber thinner, then you need a circular saw.

ROK has a tool that will meet all but the most demanding requirements for a price that won’t put too many demands on your wallet. The WCS1200 is a well-specified saw that, like most of the tools in the ROK range, will keep most users perfectly happy – it’s not a tool for professionals, but neither will it let you down when you need it to work hard.

Circular saw review

Circular saw review

Pretty basic but a good tool that is standard

The WCS1200 follows the standard pattern for this sort of tool. The body of the tool, containing a smooth running 1200W motor driving a 185mm diameter blade at 4,500rpm, is mounted on a baseplate, about which it can be pivoted to control the depth – a maximum depth of cut of 63mm is achievable.

A spring loaded guard covers the blade – it retracts as the tool is offered up to the workpiece – and there’s a clamp on either side at the front of the baseplate to secure a fence, which comes with the ROK and allows you to make parallel cuts of 150mm or so. There’s also an outlet for dust extraction on the top of the fixed blade cover, and an adjuster at the back of the baseplate which allows the baseplate to tilt up to 45˚ for mitred cuts.

So nothing to frighten the horses there. The whole tool feels nice and solid, helped greatly by the large front handle, complete with soft-feel grip, which let’s you get a really good grip on the saw. The trigger is nicely placed, as is the button that has to be depressed before the trigger can operate – a sensible safety feature. I particularly liked the depth-adjuster knob. Often this is hard to operate and not especially accessible, but on the WCS1200 it was large and readily to hand.

Circular saw review

Circular saw review

It performed well in testing

The WCS1200 performed well in my tests. It glided through 19mm MDF and plywood without labouring, and the blade produced a good clean cut. Deep cuts in softwood were no problem either, whether across or along the grain. The new, sharp, saw blade helped here – this is one tool where a blunt blade will really dent performance.

Easy to operate, competent performance and light on the wallet – the WCS1200 is definitely deserving of a place in your toolkit.