Road Angel is an advocate on safe driving through the use of modern technological devices. We provide reviews of various car equipment to help our readers find the gadget that suits their needs and budget.

We are listing here the must-haves in your vehicle:

Having a Global Positioning System (GPS) device should be an essential feature in your car. The advancement in technology makes GPS cheaper to install and maintain. Even smartphone applications have a build in GPS that you can use as your navigation system. Some apps can even show traffic situation real-time and alternative routes if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam. The map apps available on your phone are also reliable when you need to go to unfamiliar locations.

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Aside from navigational device, vehicles also require a dashboard camera to record the road conditions while driving. This camera is particularly helpful in investigating car mishaps and accidents. The ideal car camera that you should use should have night-vision and motion sensor. In short, the camera should still be reliable on dark conditions and even when the car is parked.

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