Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish
Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish

Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish

Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish

All homeowners are familiar with DIY and decorating. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and would like to place your own personality on the walls, or if you’re updating the family abode, power tools will ensure any job is quick, easy and dust free.

Power Tools are Quicker

Although some prefer to use a manual sanding block for removing paint and varnish or for perfecting a finish, there’s no denying the power of the electric sander. A little practice is needed for the sheer force of the sander as compared to labour-intensive methods the speed can be up to one hundred times faster. Once familiar with the strength of the electric sander you will find you have a friend for life, jobs such as renovating old wooden doors, or preparing skirting boards for new finishes, will pass in a second, making you wonder why you never chose this route before.

Power Tools are Cleaner

Power tools have developed over the years to provide a quick clean way of working. Many saws, sanders and pressure tools will house a dust bag that will collect debris as you work. This not only saves time, but saves mess too, and stops your house being filled with builder’s dust that can irritate lungs.
This makes power tools the healthier choice for many, and ensures that not only will you be pleased with the results; the rest of the household will be too!

Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish

Perfect Power Tools for a Perfect Finish

Power Tools Perfect the Finish

When using manual tools such as a physical screwdriver, a sanding block or a scraper, the finishes are never uniform. It is impossible for the human hand to provide a completely flat surface as it’s natural for the pressure we exert to vary from spot to spot. Power tools provide a smooth finish that no human hand would be able to replicate, giving you perfect results every time.

Power Tools last a Lifetime

Cheaper power tools will do the job just as well as the more expensive versions. However the more affordable are not built to last making them a false economy. Higher end power tools are made to last a lifetime and if looked after correctly they will become a lifetime friend. Accessories such as sanding pads and drill bits will need replacing from time to time; however the bulk of the machinery will withstand even the most demanding of household tasks. This makes it worthwhile to save up for the higher end models so you can redecorate as often as you wish knowing your power tools will never let you down.

Power Tools

Power Tools

Power Tools for Decorating

When considering power tools for decorating, the devices that will save you the most time include:
• The Electric Sander – Choosing one that can use a variation of abrasive methods will ensure your electric sander can be used for exterior paintwork and metal work too, making it one of the most versatile power tools in your DIY armoury.
• The Steamer
• Cordless Drill
• Electric Screwdriver
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