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Power tools: Make Dad Happy This Christmas

Make Dad Happy This Christmas

It’s a well known fact that Dads love power tools. Why wouldn’t they? Small and marvellously portable, most power tools today pack a lot of punch for a reasonable price. The question is, what has your Dad got and what hasn’t he got? Make sure that you don’t order him any doubles….check out his tool shed and if he’s missing any key elements you’ll know which power tool he will most appreciate under the tree this year! Some of the most important and desirable power tools are as follows!


Jigsaws are excellent tools; they’re basically a fancy type of electric saw which allow users to cut in curved lines. So unlike a traditional saw which only manages straight lines, jigsaws may be used for fancier projects such as cutting out patterns in wood or particle board and for making fun items such as some children’s toys as well as frames and decorative pieces.

Some jigsaws can be purchased with a set of various blades so that the user may choose the best for his or her purpose depending on the project.

Impact driver

Forget about cordless screwdrivers and treat your Dad to a high powered impact driver. Impact drivers are great for getting screws in at top speed as well as for loosening large bolts or nuts which may be stuck. Impact drivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and your budget will best dictate your choices!

Electric saws in tool store

Electric saws in tool store

Mitre saw

Mitre saws are designed to make precise, angled cuts to timber and they’re excellent for Dads who like to construct frames, planters and many other pieces of fancy woodwork. Any keen carpenter would love a good quality mitre saw to play with!


This has to be the ultimate Dad-toy. A shredder is a must for a keen gardener and most especially for anyone who has a large garden! Drum style shredders are particularly good and today’s versions are very quiet compared to the style of yesteryear! Throw in your pruning waste and wait for it to be smashed up into smithereens…then add it to the compost heap!

Hedge trimmer

Make your Dad’s hedge trimming exploits a dream with a speedy and powerful trimmer made just for the job! Hedge trimmers are not the same as hedge cutters…they’re designed for thick branches whilst trimmers do just that! They take of the little, messy parts of the hedge and help to keep them looking good. Much faster than a rusty pair of shears!

Working tool

Working tool

Remember that when choosing power tools for someone else…especially for your Dad, check that he hasn’t already got something similar lurking in the back of his workshop or tool shed! This is especially important if you’re not already familiar with power tools and don’t know a drill from a screwdriver! Choose well and your Dad will be a very happy man on Christmas morning!

If you’re not sure which model or style to go for, speak to someone who knows their stuff…most retailers will be more than happy to give your some good advice and ensure that you buy the best power tools possible!

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