Road Angel Technical

Road Angel has a 12 parallel channel GPS engine with a built in active antenna. As with all GPS devices as long as Road Angel can see a minimum of 3 satellites then an accurate 2 dimensional position of the vehicle can be calculated.

Road Angel checks its position every second and is able to work out accurately the speed of the vehicle.

Road Angel can store up to 50,000 unique locations on it's GPS database..

Road Angel is constantly comparing its position with the stored locations on the database. When the vehicle gets close to a stored location the unit gives an audible alert with a series of beeps and a visual alert with the screen turning red and the distance indicators lighting up.

Road Angel will not give a false alert for speedtraps facing the wrong direction it uses complex heading software so it alarms only in the direction the camera faces.

As with all GPS technology, when Road Angel is first powered it must acquire satellites to know its position. The first start is known as a cold start which can take up to 45 minutes to acquire the minimum three satellites for correct operation, in our experience it has never taken longer than 15 minutes. Thereafter, warm starts (when the unit has been switched off overnight) should take a matter of minutes and hot starts (same day) a few seconds. When the unit has acquired satellites the display will show the vehicle speed, if the vehicle is stationery it will show "000mph".

If after this period of time the unit is still not showing speed, reposition the unit where it will have a better view of the sky. You can check to see how many satellites it has acquired by scrolling through to the 'sat' menu.